Year of the Asian Reading Challenge : my progress

Thanks to a co-member of the Goodreads community Bloggers Unite, I recently discovered the wonderful blog of Shealea and joined two of her current projects : A Year of the Asian Reading Challenge and Augvocacy 2019.

I’m joining the Asian reading challenge mid-year, but luckily most of the books I read this year are Asian so I’m not behind schedule. The idea is to read as many Asian books as you can in a year and track your progress. They have super cool badges too according to how many books you read, and some prompts to help you choose what to read.

List of books I have read so far this year :

(In no particular order because I can’t remember ^^)

  1. Pachinko by Min Jin Lee
  2. Beauty is a Wound by Eka Kurniawan
  3. The Blind Earthworm in the Labyrinth by Veeraporn Nitiprapha
  4. The Birdwoman’s Palate by Laksmi Pamuntjak
  5. Killing Commendatore by Haruki Murakami
  6. The Sun and her Flowers by Rupi Kaur
  7. The Rice Mother by Rani Manicka
  8. Mãn by Kim Thùy
  9. Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata
  10. Soy Sauce for Beginners by Kirstin Chen
  11. Banana Heart Summer by Merlinda Bobis
  12. The Accusation by Bandi
  13. The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu
  14. Earth and Ashes by Atiq Rahimi
  15. Smile as They Bow by Nu Nu Yi

I’m currently an Indian Cobra!

Read 11 – 20 Books

I’ll be updating this post regularly. My goal is the Bengali tiger badge (50 books read in a year).

I am ecstatic about this challenge. I made this blog to promote Asian literature and seeing initiatives like mine really motivate me. Plus I’ll be doing this alongside my Asia in 48 Books mission. Two birds with one stone! Are you joining too? If yes, what badge are you aiming for and how many Asian books have you read?


2 thoughts on “Year of the Asian Reading Challenge : my progress

  1. Love this initiative! Looks like you’ve read a lot of awesome Asian titles, most of which i just encountered right now. I also loved Killing Commendatore and Convenience Store Woman 💖 planning to read Pachinko soon 💖


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